Shaky Hand String Band


Founded high in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in 2016. While things have changed a bit over the years, the music remains, and fun is to be had by all who encounter the Shaky Hand String Band. The band began in Leadville Colorado in a studio apartment, and then spent the following years covering the western United States. Shaky Hand String Band were finalists at the 2022 Telluride Bluegrass band competition & the 2018 Pickin' in the Pines Bluegrass Festival. The band has performed on countless stages and festivals across the country.

Flash forward to 2024, Shaky Hand String Band now have a 5 piece sound like never before. With a fresh approach comes a creative catalog of new and classic Shaky Hand tunes. While still "bluegrass" at heart the band is Shaking into different genres and bending roots music, creating a whole new Shaky Hand Sound.

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Hobo Village


While it may take a village to raise a child, it takes Hobo Village to raise the roof!
Pulling equal inspiration from 70’s rock classics and modern heavy music, Summit County, CO’s Hobo Village plays a unique style of heavy psychedelic rock that hasn’t been heard in their High Rockies mountain community - until now!

Guitar solos and fuzz bass, keyboard wizardry and hard drumming, heavy riffing and creative improvisation shape Hobo Village’s sound. At times soul-filled and sultry, at times scorching, Hobo Village lyrics and vocals bring audiences along into their mountain-living, working stiff, always-partying way of life

Rock and roll at 10,780’ never sounded so good!

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