The Jakarta Band


The JAKARTA Band is without question the most popular party dance band in the Country. Simply put…these guys are THE BEST…talented, fun and hard working. JAKARTA continues to bring crowds to their feet for hip-shaking boogie and the talent of the band members is unparalleled. JAKARTA is a step above the other bands and is considered the Premier Party Dance Band from Denver. They are guaranteed to bring people on the dance floor.

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Band Kamp


When you grew up loving rock music from the great bands of the 70’s .... big sounding drums, thundering bass, heavy guitars and amazing vocals, then you are likely to be in a high energy rock band playing music from across the decades. Because you love it. That is what Band Kamp is all about. We love rock music.

Band Kamp is Wendi Richardson (guitar/vocals), Lisa Delia (vocals), Mike Reeves (lead guitar/vocals), Jamie Richardson (bass/vocals), Kyle Wilson (guitar/vocals) and Jack Demeis (drums).

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