The smooth vocal harmony and driven sound of new Country Music duo Austin’s Rose is comprised of Taylor Cornilles and Tim Gore. Austin’s Rose is music from the heart. With so many changes in the music industry in today’s world, it’s hard to find artists like Austin’s Rose who have honed in on their craft, know exactly who they are, how they want their music to sound, and what they want their lyrics to say. With over 30 years of live performance between the two of them, Austin’s Rose has found major success in it’s short life.
Once they were solo artists playing the streets of Nashville waiting for some kind of break. Now they are driven, focused, and hungry to make their dreams come true together. With a deep faith in religion, support from family and friends, a strong social media presence, and a loyal fanbase who craves for their music, the success of Austin’s Rose is limitless.

Just about anyone who has spent a day or night along Montezuma Road, endearingly referred to by locals as Zuma Road, has a wild story to tell about their experience. With long, winding roads and dense forests, Montezuma Road holds an endless supply of mystery and wonder for those who choose to explore the diverse landscape.

Formed in Autumn of 2015, the five piece groove, soul, rock group, Zuma Road, draws from a wide range of musical influences to sonically provide the same sort of adventure as a trip through the Colorado mountainsides. There’s no telling what could be around the next corner, but you can be sure it will be absolutely beautiful.

From the deep, funky jams of their debut single ‘4817,’ to the bluesy, soulful stylings of their most recent composition, ‘Pretty Girl,’ Zuma Road is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for music lovers of all ages.

Split Window is an 8 piece band from the real South Park, Colorado. Known for their upbeat dance music, they play an array of original and cover music ranging in genres from Reggae, Blues, Pop, Classic Rock, and much more. You are guaranteed to dance the night away at any of their shows.

Unleash your inner rock star on the Sapporo karaoke stage! After a few tastings, join in the karaoke fun from 12:00 – 5:00 p.m.